Writing Content for the Long Haul

It’s story time, kids.  Gather ‘round!

Creating content is a part of every marketing venture, email included. Even just creating the copy that will accompany products (never underestimate the value of an entertaining instruction manual or product guide, for example) is a creative effort. So, how do you keep the content come week after week or year after year? Let me tell you a story….

I was once, in my *cough* illustrious career as an SEO writer, contracted to produce mass amounts of content about a particular type of footwear.  Actually, this happened twice and now I know a lot about footwear. Not only was I writing press releases, product descriptions, web, email and marketing content, but I was also writing lots of articles for publication on various knowledge-based websites. SEO has changed since then; it’s much more suave now. So there I was, producing literally thousands of words a week on a very specific topic. You would think I would have run out of things to say, but I didn’t! So the next time you think you’ve said all you can about whatever it is that you’re writing about, I challenge you to look at things just a little differently.

Try a New Angle.  There’s always a new angle. Get out of your box and walk around.  I didn’t just write about wearing boots, I wrote about the history of boots, the construction of boots, the materials boots are made of, proper care of boots, the different styles, the cultural associations, and yes, even the future of boots. 

Make Up a Story. Writing about flip-flops (even nifty designer ones) can get a little dull.  So why not write “A Day in the Life” from the shoe’s perspective?  Being a little off-the-wall can land epic results - good and bad. But epic, nonetheless.

Conduct Casual Interviews. Let me assure you, whatever it is that you are writing about, it is at least as legitimate a thing to ask people to talk about as what’s on their feet.  For me, asking questions was a new way to think about the products I was writing about.  By learning what other people thought, I could write with a broader awareness of my potential audience.

There’s nothing to fear when you’re staring down the barrel at producing seemingly endless amounts of marketing and product content. Keep your personality intact, remember your audience and always, always proofread.