Your Dynamic, Engaging Intro Newsletter

Since we’ve already discussed some of the distinct advantages of sending out an introductory newsletter let’s focus on what that newsletter will actually include.  First we’re going to time-travel back to grade school where, doubtlessly, you were taught the many dubious charms of the introductory paragraph.  Some may remember the classic five-paragraph essay style of writing that became the standard for writing.  In these essays the all important introduction contained your thesis as well as the basis for the argument you were about to make.  That’s pretty much what an introductory email newsletter is all about.  Remember, the meat of the essay is yet to come, the introduction is just a really good warm-up for all the email newsletters that will come afterwards.

Grab their Attention
The first sentence in which you captivate and charm your audience is, in the case of email marketing, your subject line.  Next comes your banner or whatever branding you use in your layout.  The trick here is to immediately and easily identify yourself, give the reader a good reason to open your newsletter, and begin the process of familiarity.  Use the same format in your intro newsletter as you will in future newsletters to ensure continuity.  Make sure you test the appearance of the newsletter in several email providers with images on and off to make sure you’re making a good first impression.  Once you’ve got their attention, thank them for it and welcome them to your email list.  This can usually be done in a sentence or two.

Show ‘Em What You’ve Got
You’re going to need a thesis statement.  If you were writing an actual essay, this would be an explanatory sentence containing the focus of your essay and any arguments or points you are putting forth.  In newsletters it’s better to show, not tell.  First answer this question:  under what circumstance did the subscriber sign up for this newsletter?  What do they expect it to contain?  Once you have the answers – give them that.  Immediately, and without delay.  If it’s a special offer on a new product, make it a good one. If it’s informational articles, blow their minds with your wealth of information.

Take Care of Business
You don’t have to work overtime to take care of business in your introductory newsletter (I know, I groaned just writing such a bad pun).  Simply make sure that information on how to change subscription status is readily available, whether that’s simply an unsubscribe feature or options to sign up for more (or less) of your amazing newsletters.  Remind recipients to add your address to their contacts list to ensure deliverability. Consider including a table of contents on your sidebar to make it easy for a new reader to scan for content. Something as simple as a table of contents will save you a written tour and make life easier for all involved!