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Garden as a Metaphor for Creativity
With Jill Badonsky April 5, 2011

Oh Hi, ,
The light was right so I confused my art-studio with paradise. It's not a garden but as the blatant, in-your-face headline above says, the garden is indeed a wonderful metaphor for creativity.
I remember having a lovely garden picnic with some creative friends awhile back. We were all drinking absinthe and spouting out our garden metaphors.
Poet, playwright, and prolific novelist, Edward Bulwer Lytton said, "Our ideas, like orange-plants, spread out in proportion to the size of the box which imprisons the roots." 
"Dang!" everyone said in unison. We were impressed and we all put on our Get-to-do lists: Make gardening boxes bigger. 
And German painter, printmaker, and sculptor, Kathe Kollwitz was quick to reply, “I do not vant to die...until I have faithfully made da most of my talent and cultivated da seed that was placed in me until da last small twig has grown."
That was pretty good. Everyone snapped their fingers and felt fertile with new inspiration to cultivate our ideas for writing, art, and stencilling the water heater.
Of course, the Emerson boy came through with, "Earth laughs in flowers," so I laughed, but unfortunately milk came through my [continued here]
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Rocks!

Gardening Tips from the UnGnome

I’m a Garden Gnome, guardian of earth's hidden treasures... and well, against my better judgment, seems I'm a world traveler as well.  
Basically I’m here to use Garden “Gnomenclature” to explain a little about the creative process.  Here goes:
Creativity is spreading seeds, letting them germinate, fertilizing them, getting rid of pests, weeding out intruders, witnessing the blossoming, and finally, celebrating the harvest.  Creativity begins when we are little sprouts.. Like look at these two. They created their own language.  (Try this with a friend, it's lots of fun).
Pollinating your creativity with practice, perseverence, patience, ingenuity .. will result in a Horn (usually a tuba) of Plenty.   
You can actually begin celebrating your Tuba of Plenty right now because the journey is the place where the experience of flow and possibility blossoms. It is happening as you take your next breath in giving just a little more intention to creativity than you had with the last breath. 
Try it.  Breathe and notice the present awaken with your attention.  Now take 15 seconds and bring to mind a creative intention - 15 seconds.. let's all do it together - okay you've just watered your creativity a little. Good going. Even just giving thought to your creative endeavors begins subconscious connections like seeds in germination.
1. Till the soil
If you missed last month's Muse Flash.. It's here: March's Muse Letter
2. Plant Seeds
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3. Spread Seeds
Muse Facilitator Training May 31- August 16, 2011
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3. Tend the Garden
Join The Muse is In Writing Club and get two prompts a week, writing tips, and a safe and inspiring forum to share your writing and feel committed and nourished. All levels invited.
4. Plan for a Summer Harvest
Join me in Taos for a Creativity Retreat in July - Electric Skies and Creative Thunder: Writing as a Conduit for Creativity - beam yourself here
Like summer camp for people who love creativity and want to get away to one of the most enchanting places possible for creative expansion.
5.  Harvest Your Creativity and Share with the World
Become Certified as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach: Next Training Begins August 2011
Discover the compassion, play, tricks and triggers that make KMCC a radically different coaching model in existence since 2004. Go deep with your own creative understanding and practice.  Beam yourself here.

guffaw crop

Featured Kaizen-Muse Coach: Beverly Belling

Remember crayons? The colors, the texture, the smell? The way you could lightly shade the page or press down real hard for a rich color? What about peeling away the paper to reveal the “new” part or sharpening the tip with that special, built-in sharpener in the back? Remember how they’d break but you could use 'em anyway? And then, of course, there was the absolute thrill of opening a brand new pack?
Well, that’s what I do – I help people remember the magic of crayons!
Here’s what I mean:  Sometimes people may feel a bit out of touch with their life. Perhaps they yearn to fulfill their purpose but can’t quite put a finger on what that is. They try a few things, even make some big changes, but nothing seems quite right…nothing clicks. Or perhaps a person knows what they want, but something keeps them from moving forward, from taking inspired action.
My purpose in life is to help reacquaint people with their set of magic crayons – i.e., their Creative Self. It is from this creative part of themselves that they can build a life of meaning and joy. I’m not talking about becoming an artist, though art certainly can be part of it. What I’m talking about is that natural, inherent, intuitive part of us that truly knows what we’re about. That Creative Self who knows what we want and even how to make it all happen.
So, I work with people to uncover thoughts and actions which have kept them from their goals. Using intuition, I seek to provide a deeper understanding of where they are and offer insights for their journey. I provide tools and exercises to re-ignite their own creative flow and natural intuition. And I support them in ‘coloring in’ the details of their visions and dreams as they regain the use of their unique abilities.
• live dangerously…run with crayons!
Beverly Belling

Coaching with Beverly

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Tips

If You're Going To Be Creative:
1. Make it Fun: If you enjoy the process the product will take care of itself.
2. Find Your Tribe: People who discourage you or don't "get" you are garden pests.
3. Be Kind to Yourself: You'll be more likely to want to create something and share it.
4. Look at Something Everyone Else Sees and Think Something Differently: Look at a cocoon and see a butterfly. Look at a salad bowl and think: Skirt!
5. If you're going to wear salad as a skirt, put it on in a Dressing Room or in the Thousand Islands.  Unless you're French, Italian, or Garlic.
6. Talk about your creativity with someone who truly understands that the process works better with more compassion and less pressure.
7. Find truly creative websites and artists, and be grateful (without comparing yourself) for the inspiration. Like the film potential of muffins! In case you haven't discovered her, here's the amazingly creative: Amy Winfrey

Visit KMCC coaches here

Take the day off

Appreciate who you are and who you are not right now.
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