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  Jill Badonsky  May 18, 2016
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Hi Creative One,
 Poetry frogs
Mark Twain said, “Explaining humor is a lot like dissecting a frog; you learn a lot in the process, but in the end you kill it.”
No frogs were dissected in the writing of this blog-post.
I was thinking about that quote the other day because I want to write better poetry, (which is another way of saying that my ego was comparing my poetry to other people’s poetry and telling me mine wasn’t good enough. The ego likes to say stuff like that, bless its heart, and unless I’m paying attention, I buy into it and that really annoys me).
Anyway, I bought a How-to-Write-Better-Poetry-Because-Yours-Sucks book on Amazon, started reading it, and then slammed it shut.1 It was a good book, written by a talented poet, but I realized that reading it was dissecting my “poetry frog.” I like my poetry frog. It hops from one idea to the next without instruction and when I trust it, the trip is better than any trip I could take in a plane, train or automobile.  Allowing my intuitive self take a creative trip comes with perks and postcards.

Creativity town border

There’s no doubt I could benefit from some critique once I’m finished with a poem, but I also believe that you and I have creative instincts.  They are instincts that, when trusted, can be more satisfying and authentically ours than following how someone else tells us poetry, art, writing, etc. should be produced.

The things the poet taught in the book were things I was doing instinctively but reading the instructions was taking the fun, spontaneity, and surprise out it. One of the things I love about writing is letting words flow on the page without explanation or analysis as if I am taking dictation from some generous delirious muse that’s drinking a lot of coffee2 and just blurting out strange or absurd verse that wraps itself up into inadvertent meaning as if it were always fully formed but just waiting for transcription. I like that goddess with the coffee habit; I wish she were around more often.
This all may sound odd, but you writers who write instinctively know what I’m talking about.
I had such an urgent deadline with my first book that I wrote 12-14 hours a day and when I went back to read it, I wondered who wrote it. But I liked it and so did some big publishing houses in New York.
What if you stopped comparing your creative voice to other people's or relying on the instruction of others and started being your own audience, finding what you love even if it doesn’t sound anything like what others are sharing? If you do that already, I celebrate you. 3
1 It was literally a poetry slam.
2 At least she can still drink it, I have to drink decaf.
3 I’m raising my cup of decaf to you.
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(c) 2016 Jill Badonsky All Rights Reserved


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 I really appreciate your take on this. <3  ~ Marie Tiger Mikkonen
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The Kaizen-Muse model creates change by taking baby steps - and change sneaks up on the client.   Creativity is such a treat with KMCC - the process becomes it's own reward. ~Samantha Sinclair, Certified KMCC Coach
As a psychotherapist, creativity coach and facilitator of writing groups, I have followed and taught Jill’s work for years.  But it wasn’t until I actually took her KMCC training, that I got to dive into the deep essence of her philosophy and truly experience the Beauty of her work—both soulful and practical in its application.  Each and every tool that she offers provides direction that empowers our creative expression.  Through her compassionate and skillful guidance, I learned how to navigate the challenges that can stall and block us, to mine our rich, intuitive inner Muse-inspired resources, and to use viable structure to make the creative process productive, fun and enjoyable. 
Through Jill’s gifted vision and the exciting community that she has formed around creativity, I am now armed with incredible material to empower my clients.  I feel filled with fresh enthusiasm for my own creative process.  She has forged a path for the creative spirit in all of us—and one I had been waiting for all my life.  Thank you, Jill!  ~Cyncie Winter, MH, MA, LPC

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Latest Poem
Thanks for reading the fine print. You look lovely today. Don't be afraid to do that thing your soul has been asking you to do.     
July border curls and stars
There's a door I was told not to go through
so I climbed through the window.

Legs first, flailing and feeling for a surface to land on,
I stepped in the Shepherd's pie sitting on the table where people were gathered praying.

They were saying grace.
Clumsy me,
but determined
to find out why I was told
not to go through the door.

Much to my surprise, the people forgave me,
we feasted on broccoli salad and I asked,
"Anyone know why I wasn't supposed to go through the door?"

A lady with a flower in her hat replied,
"None of us were supposed to. We all stepped in the Shepherd's Pie."

Everyone laughed and I realized I wasn't alone 
...which felt a lot like grace.


Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is founder of the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training, multimedia artist, poet, inspirational humorist, yoga teacher, and author/illustrator of three and a half books on creativity.
 “She left pieces of her life behind her everywhere she went. It's easier to feel the sunlight without them, she said.” ~Brian Andreas
Thank you for reading,

                (c) all rights reserved in a fine wine sauce

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