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The Muse is IN
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Happy Mothers' Day to mothers of human kids, furry kids, those who find love from within, and lovers of Mother Nature. 

And to those of you who have any type of sadness associated with Mother’s Day - I send you love, peace, and acceptance.

 Jill Badonsky
Dear Creative Friend, 
For complimentary creative workshop call on Mothers' Day about nurturing your creativity, click here  or scroll down a bit. There will be a drawing for a BOOK. Might be just the day to birth an idea.
Creativity is fickle, right? What works one day may be hijacked by a surly mood the next, or not even on the radar on Friday because a distraction seduced your intention before it even put its socks on. 
Your creative project is on the dining room table or in your studio, your journal, your camera … or your dreams. You WANT to be immersed in the timeless, rewarding, ageless bliss of the creative process  -- you're pumped up by a furry of inspiration, or your kids have left, you're retired, and the call is loud and clear ... but you’re not getting to it.
Why is it so hard to show-up to this place of inspired grace, reward and rumbas?
The Answer is Simple:
  • Habits of procrastination, distractions, and the ever popular, self-torment
  • Addiction to social media and the morbid curiosity of the NOW-WHAT? NEWS 
  • High Pressured Expectations on yourself
  • Time challenges - perceived and real
  • Angst that needs a new assignment
  • Drowming in feelings of overwhelm 
  • Not knowing how to start or how to start again
  • Comparison to others - never feeling good enough
  • You or your creative intentions were disregarded as a child so now you disregard yourself and creative intentions  - sorry, I got a bit analytical there, but that can happen.
Okay.. maybe the answer isn't that simple. Those are, in fact, formidable detractors. But there’s a solution to all of them. How do I know? I experience them too, almost every client I work with does too and I've discovered the best and most clever and wily strategies to confound each of those detractors.
How to Be Clever and Wily with Your Creativity...  
Make It:
  1. Forbidden so it's tempting to sneak away with it.
  2. Carry clout by giving it a title.
  3. Fun by making it a game.
  4. Desirable by falling in love with it.
  5. Reciprocate by imagining it loves you in return.
  6. Easy by partnering up, taking a class, going to on a retreat.
  7. Less important - pressure leads to avoidance or procrastination.
  8. A habit by breaking it down so small that the first step is simply standing in front of it for 30 seconds for a week or more at a time. Habits that make it hard to get to are well established and most people underestimate what sneakiness it takes to change them. It's worth the time. 
Easier said and done... but I know a way it CAN be easier. Everything is easier when you get support and inspiration in a community of like-minded souls where you are nourished with these things in a simple way. If you've ever been in a class or group, you know it's easier to show-up.  I have a few of those that might work for you. Join the Underground Highway to Creative Results:
Ongoing: The Underground Highway to Creative Results
Find out how to truly embody the eight clever and wily plans mentioned above because just reading them alone doesn't work as well as being a group that gently shows you how to operationalize them personally to fit your life.  get regular reminders in an anti-overwhelm fashion, get weekly creativity prompts, have the structure of a community, a monthly real time workshop, and All this for MORE THAN HALF OFF until June 1.. only $17 a month. Go Underground Here.

  Free workshop on Monday May 14 for the first six people to sign-up (if you haven't signed up before). Sign-up here
Current members: Your subscription price will be changed to $15 a month.
Here's an example: Click here to download a PDF of the image below.
You Can Make Up Stuff Too

Nurturing Your Creativity on Mother's Day 
Join me Sunday, May 13 at 3pm pacific/6pm eastern in a 45 minute call on Mother's Day for a little creative nurturing.
I know, I know, it's Mother's Day. Many of you will be pampered by kids or partners.
Some of you might not have kids, or they've left or they're fur kids (like me)... THEREFORE it's a great day to nurture our creative jones by indulging in a little art, writing and hearing about some deals for upcoming programs such as a new deal for my Underground Highway to Creative Results.... so join me. Even if it's a small group, it'll be the kind of camaraderie that feels good on a Sunday. It will just be 45 minutes, unless we get lost in the flow. Call will be recorded and sent to those who sign-up. I'll talk more about the Underground Highway and upcoming events there. Door prize drawing for all who attend.
August 6 - December 3, 2018 The Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training: Now taking applications Certification Program:   Check it out, reply to this email or message me for more information.

July 17- 21, 2018 Camp Creative Thunder in Taos
When's the last time you were pampered, had time JUST to write, laugh, do art, have gourmet meals prepared for you,  and got to be a kid again? If it's been too long, come to Taos this summer.  Just FOUR more spaces
February 15-19, 2019 The Muse in Winter
The Mabel Dodge Luhan House is especially cozy in the winter, where doing art, writing, yoga, and improv is specially blessed by the snow covered mountains around but not too cold to find some clarity by walking the labyrinth (and eating incredible food). The Muse in Winter.

Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is  head muse of the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training founded in 2004, multimedia artist, yoga teacher, and author/illustrator of four books on creativity.

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The Muse is IN  •  Kensington  •  San Diego, CA 92116

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