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October 8. 2019
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching
Hi There, #first_name"
If you've been a subscriber for a while, you know I used to do monthly calls for creative maintenance. They're back. I'm holding The Muse is In: Office Hours 
I'm opening up my Zoom room to you so you can come and get the answers you need for your creativity. Don't miss out on something that could make a difference distraction and blissful focus. It's just a short little infusion of inspiration.
Here's What Will Happen Unless Intuitive Detours Intervene:

 Opening with two minutes of creative mindfulness to reconnect you to that coveted inner world of creative brilliance, relaxation, and reverie.
Sharing solutions to the blocks that keep people creatively cranky and tools that set them into effortless motion.
Ending with a five minute creative prompt to either leave you with that lovely feeling that ensues when we tap evening momentarily into this source of ever-new joy or create a momentum you can continue with after Office Hours are over.
I'll be varying time of the day of the monthly Office Hours to meet differing schedules, but if you sign-up and cannot make it, the recording will be made available for a week
Sign-up Here for the Next Office Hours:
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 9:30 am pacific/ 10:30a mtn/ 11:30a central/ 12:30p eastern  *Sign-up here
November 19, 2019  4p pacific/ 5p mtn/ 6p central/ 7p eastern #Sign-up here
The Muse's Pocket Book: Compact Ideas for Creative Change
Creative Calisthenics
I've been at it for about eight years now, and I'm watching the regulars commenters transform their brilliance in little quick 30 second intervals. The responses sometimes beg to be shared.
Here's one of my favorites. The title of your bestselling memoir about your life as an abstract painting: Check out the responses on FB.
Some standouts:
  • Alex Bosworth - Upside Down: How I Was Displayed For Twenty Years
  • John Bosley - Miro Miro On the Wall
  • Donna Mulholland  - It’s What You Feel That’s Important
  • Lorna Munro - Dancing in the squint
  • Charly Chiarelli - I Can't Figure You Out Either
Fun News  
Literature academics from Keele University are opening an innovative “Poetry Pharmacy” to dispense literary “first aid” as a way of bringing the therapeutic benefits of poetry to the local community and to support mental health. More here.
Thinking differently   
I might be the ambassador of "So-What-Do-It-Anyway" and "Comparison Sucks" , but I'm okay with getting derailed when I saw the elaborate sketches posted for Inktober because I'm a different kind of artist. It wasn't going to be fun and it's not really my calling
. Stay true to your calling.
But in the spirit of thinking differently, I'm writing a poem or a quick three-line story for the sketch-prompts. I don't go for "daily". I know how that can be unnecessarily disillusioning if you miss just one. I go for dailyish... and sometimes, "whenever..." Prompts are here.  Oct 8 prompt is "star." Click to find a poem inside the Muse's Pocket Book.
Napping and Creativity
An association between power naps and creativity was found in a 2012 study led by Georgetown University Medical Center professor Andrei Medvedev.
In it, he examined the brain activity of participants as they slumbered and found that the right side of the brain—which is responsible for creative thinking—saw a boost in activity during naps. “This is speculation, but the brain could be doing some helpful housecleaning, classifying data, consolidating memories,” Medvedev said at the time.  ~Eli Hill
I always get good ideas when I nap. Baths work too.
Don't Miss Out on Classes, Workshops, and Retreats That Can Make Your Creativity Easy

Art Reception
Broken Typewriters and Ferris Wheel Art Reception
October 20  4-6 pm  San Diego Writers Ink Liberty Station Barracks 16
4:30 Black Skittle with Sofie       5:00 Flute Music by Lisa Tansey
Beam yourself here
The Muse in Winter Retreat
Ninth year! Drawing, laughing, painting, writing for the hesitant to the advanced wanting a fresh approach,  those wanting to loosen up their creative style, those wanting to connect with a kindred tribe (including the introverted like myself) and those wanting to find a deeper creative voice in the enchantment of Restore, unlock and celebrate your creativity at the beautiful Mabel Dodge Luhan house in Taos, New Mexico This one fills up fast. The Muse in Winter
Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training  
 Is starting next week. Enrollment closes in December. Don't miss out on this intensive journey into what stops, what unlocks, and how mindfulness expands creativity for yourself, or as an additional stream of joy and income.  Mondays or Wednesdays starting the week of January 12, 2020 More KMCC here.
East Coast!

Kamikaze Art and Low Flying Creativity
Omega Institute, Arts Week, Rhinebeck, NY
  TBA with their upcoming catalog Save the date: June 28- July 3, 2020 Art Week: Kamikaze Drawing and Low Flying Creativity goes to Omega 
Creativity on the French Riviera
September 2020
Filling fast... grab a spot!
Underground Highway to Creative Results
Two original Jill Badonsky writing prompts and inspiration a week to provide simple, fun structure to practice and share writing with a tribe of like-mined writers and artists, two prompts a week, one creativity workshop a month ... value is way beyond the cost.. No pressure - you can post or keep it to yourself. CLICK Here

The Muse is IN  •  3023 1st Avenue  •  San Diego, CA 92103
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