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JULY 2020 Newsletter 
Wait a minute, what happened to US???

World Auto Production
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For over 14 years our newsletter has gone to more than 50,000 Firearms Collectors, Enthusiasts, Historians and Professionals Worldwide. We now reprint over 6000 Vintage Gun Catalogs, Books and Manuals from the 1840s to the 2000s 
Calls From The Wilds
Back issues: you can view the newsletter on our website. For a downloadable copy of our catalog of reprints or manuals this will take you there. Also, we have Interesting downloads at our website. Please forward this letter to your friends.
Most Internet Browsers – Firefox, Edge, Opera etc – have decided to truncate, or cut off, the bottoms of long emails. There is a tiny note at the bottom allowing you to retrieve the rest of the email. Rob and Abby
These guys apparently broke into the wrong house. One dead and one in pokey. Mr. Coney, the live one in jail, had crossed paths with the police in the past.


The last American receiving a Civil War pension has died May, 31st at the age of 90. Irene Triplett received $73.13 a month for her father Mose Triplett's service in the 3rd North Carolina Mounted Infantry, a Union regiment known as Kirk's raiders, which carried out a campaign of sabotage. Mose, who fathered Irene at the age of 83, died in 1938 at the age of 92.
Wall Street Journal
Mose Triplett had run away from his regiment just before Gettyburg, 734 of the 800 men in the unit were killed, wounded or captured during the battle. Later he kept rattlesnakes and and sat with a pistol on his lap.
Smithsonian Magazine


Dwindling Public Pensions
Public pension plans lost a median 13.2 percent in the three months that ended March 31, the biggest single quarter decline in 40 years on record. Even before the first-quarter losses, public pension plans were $4.1 trillion short of the $8.9 trillion they will need to cover promised future benefits.
Wall Street Journal


George Washington Statue Toppled
statueYou may know that earnest citizens in Portland, Oregon, intending to improve the lot of impoverished neighbors, thought they could best help by pulling down the statue of George Washington. Perhaps they figured a metal drive might help their friends.
At any rate, newsletter reader Daniel LaPlant has joined a GoFundMe page set up by the Masons to relocate George Washington statues to a site in Virginia. Dan wants to move the statue (scroll down the GoFundMe page to read Dan's suggestion) to Anchorage, AK where Dan feels it will be safe. Contact Dan directly for more information.

But wait, there's more...


pen crowd

penn up


World's First Superpower



Rob Mouat...
American Nations
I think I may have mentioned this book before, but now is an opportune time to haul it out for another look. American Nations by Colin Woodward seeks to explain why Aunt Tooti in Alabama has different social and political opinions than, say cousin Brooke in Frisco or your inlaws in New Jersey.
American NationsEssentially, Woodward maintains there are eleven “nations”, as he calls them, that immigrant pioneers (native Americans were immigrants too at one time) carved out of our big country and each nation has a distinct origin and history that, for the most part, is entirely different than of the other nations. His explanation helps us understand why entire regions of the country are at political war with other regions as we head toward the election this fall.
I think all Americans should read his book, think of it as a tool to help us deal with those who bitterly oppose us. The book gives us a back door to help others understand our thinking, a back door the people who have not read the book, do not have.
There is an important element of the coming election that almost all commentators and, it seems, most politicians miss. Something so obvious I am astonished it isn’t spoken about more often. It has to do with the “battleground states”, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. What one thing do these states have in common? They contain the swing voters, the political moderates, who will elect the next president. Forget everyone else, it is the same people who elected Bush W, then Obama then Trump who will cast the votes for our new president! These are the folks who will reelect Trump or elect Biden.
Intriguingly, these moderate, swing voters will elect the next president based on their American Nation heritage and what better way to understand how they think than to read Woodward’s book? And, no, I don’t know Mr. Woodward personally, nor do I get a commission for selling his books.
By the way, I recently linked my smart phone to our library chain and read all books on my IPhone now. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous, I thought so too, until my kids made me try. It’s great.
Rob Mouat
Arms Heritage
AH Logo
For those who haven't ordered your copy of Volume 9 of Arms Heritage, here is is:
After 10 years of publication and 60 consecutive issues, we’ve decided to shut down Arms Heritage Magazine with the December 2020 issue being our last. We thank our loyal subscribers and remind them that the hard copy Annuals will continue to be available through Cornell Publications.
As we wind down this wild ride of publication, it is well to remind our subscribers of several key bits of information:
  • The website will remain up and access to back issues will remain available to current subscribers for at least a year, until, at least, all subscriptions have expired.
  • Current subscribers can access all back issues through the Archives button.  When on the website, if you click on “download pdf” you can save all or any issues or parts thereof.
  • To save an issue, just hit “Control S” (CTRL S) once the pdf version appears and save to “desktop”.  Once the issue is thus saved, it can be transferred to a CD-ROM or Thumb Drive.  I’m told that there are thumb drives available that have the capacity to store all 60 issues. To save only a part or single article, open the magazine in “download pdf” version and note the page numbers of the pages you wish to save.  Go to your printer and instead of “print all”, put in the pages you wish to print or save.
  • At this writing, we have an agreement with Collectors Firearms to host the content of all back issue on their website.  Access will be free of charge and the version offered will be the edited version as presented in our printed Annuals with ads and editorials removed.
  • Printed Annuals 1 through 9 will continue to be offered through Cornell Publications. 
Dick Salzer, Publisher
Rants and Raves
RanterAnschutz 1967 Rifle Catalog $16.95
I am interested in this catalog but only if it is actually in a book format with decent binding for the 40+ pages. Can you post more pictures so I can see that kind of detail. Your picture looks like the pages are loose. The picture looks like they are tacked on a board Thank you, Jerry – delaykneej (ebay)
Jerry, it is probably not what you are looking for. We use hot, fabric adhesive tape binding but this is a catalog, not a book, it is for information only. Rob for cornellpubs
Actually this is a fine catalog beautifully reproduced. The thing is we've learned that folks who start off at ebay with a note like the one above are heading to troubled ground so we tend to back away from them. Unwinding "issues" at ebay just aren't worth the couple of buck we might make selling the item to a customer who is already, uh, suspicious. Generally we end up refunding the money and the postage and time.

Letters From Readers
Dear Abby, order arrived this morning thanks for excellent service again stay well and have a good day thanks roger
I enjoyed the Sagan video. Thanks for sharing...! Larry Neugart
Hi Abby,  I have utter contempt for Carl Sagan.  Please take me off of your mailing list.  Jeff Dozier, Esq.
Gee Jeff, Out of curiosity, what have you got against poor dead Carl Sagan, just wondering? I certainly never intended to offend anyone. Cheers, Rob
Rob,  Just because he is dead, it doesn't mean he doesn't still affect people.  Carol Sagan is kind of like Nietsche in that people go around quoting him and don't really know what he was or what he was doing.  Read about Sagan and tell me if you like him.  Jeff
We hate to lose a reader because we printed one thing he doesn’t like, but that is typical of our times. If we hear, read or see something we don’t like we flick it off and never again darken that door. Such an attitude makes it very difficult to reach any sort of compromise unless there is discussion. Hate is a very enclosing emotion. Rob
I recently bought a star Model B booklet and the 1st time USPS lost worries I contacted you guys and right away sent me a new one. Very Very good customer service. Very disheartening and disappointing to read the things people send you guys. I can tell you guys work extremely hard. Anyway just wanted to say THANK YOU!
Hey guys, I’m bummed out that you have to deal with goofy people so often.  I for one am absolutely excited as can be when I get one of your reprinted cartridge catalogs.  I love them. The quality is great and its just amazing that you guys provide the real early cartridge company material.  Ive got an 1881 US Cartridge Co catalog, a 1905 UMC cartridge catalog, a 1908 US Cartridge Co catalog, and a 1884 Sportsman's Reverie. Thanks for providing the high quality reprints that you do.  -Dave Peterson
Sir l wish to purchase several item you. Sell please advise best way to Handel.
robsh7202 (ebay)
Hello, you can buy the items you want and to get combined shipping, send Abby a note for her to refund overage inn shipping charged. We can't calculate shipping until the items are printed- we print over 6000 different ones and they each weigh and measure differently so there are too many possible calculations. Rob for cornellpubs
Hi  Rob  thank you so much for your quick reply to  my query. We are wanting to order 2 handbook / manuals    -   Colt browning 1901-1917 M1895 .30cal machine gun manual  $16.95 Marlin - browning  M1917  machine gun M1895   $14.95 and wondering what the postage would be  for these two to the UK. Also  can we use pay pal.  Many thanks   Best wishes  Maggy Tyhurst
Hi Maggy, The website shopping cart calculates shipping based on size and weight so without printing your order I haven't the foggiest. Shipping to UK, however, just as everywhere in fact, is slow and expensive! Cheers, Rob
Looking for a takedown manual for a Winchester 75 serial number 33516. Thanks ken
Hi Ken, If your rifle was made before 1964:
this is what you want:
Cheers, Rob
Ref: Dreyse Pistolet Model 1907 Gun Manual : How many total pages is the manual and is it printed in English. marrick65 (ebay)
Dear marrick, this is what the ad says: Dreyse Pistolet Model 1907 Gun Manual, 28 pages, about 8 1/2" x 11" glossy soft-cover in full color. New re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. Text in FRENCH.
Is it available in English : marrick65 (ebay)
DEAR marrick: no
Ref:        #1966 - Winchester Model 77 Complete Takedown Manual, $9.95  :  That’s fine. Thank you so much for making this product available. Best regards. Fred Seibert 
Hello. Since I’ve purchased the hard copy, is it possible for you to provide me with a pdf copy as well ? Thanks , Fred 
Fred, They are separate items, Abby refunds any postage charged to the pdf. Frankly, pdfs are more trouble than they are worth to us! Cheers, Rob
I thought that I was buying the hard copy and the pdf.  How much extra is the pdf ?
Hi Fred, Please find above both links to the two ways you can buy some Winchester manuals, Because the PDF version is experimental we have to refund the shipping after you buy the item. Best, Abby
This may seem like a far-reaching request. I'm looking for the Weatherby catalog that listed the .460 as "having 8,000 ft. lbs. of bone-crushing force" in the description. They don't put that it anymore and I'd like to add that to my collection. The picture listed of the 1970-71 catalog isn't quite clear enough to read the ad copy. If you can't take the time to answer this I certainly understand. I just thought I'd try. Thank you, Ron Mills Old hunting guy
Ron, I looked through a dozen of the Weatherby catalogs we reprint from '59 through the mid-70s and don't see any language like that at all. I think either you saw the description ion a third party publication or it was a special Weatherby piece. All the language I saw was pretty dry statement of ballistics, although interestingly, the muzzle velocity they claimed dropped over the years from over 8200 ft lbs to under 8100. Sorry, Rob for cornellpubs
Talk about above and beyond the call.  Thanks a bunch for looking that deep! Ron 
Some people are actually grateful and polite! Thank you.
Abby, Order arrived, once again great service, Thank you, JSC
I'm still waiting for my Manuel to arrive!! Can't take this long surely!? Jason Young - garranos66 (ebay)
Jason, You wrote to us through ebay, but I have no record of any purchase by you through eBay because we no longer ship outside the US through our eBay account. I can tell you, however, that all shipments, both domestic and international are taking MUCH longer than usual due to the pandemic. Shipments to Europe can take two months or longer due to personnel shortages. This is the reason we don't ship internationally through eBay. About now customers explode and file cases and complaints and wrote letters etc. All of which we have no control over and it wastes a load of time. Sorry for the delay if you bought it somewhere else. Rob for cornellpubs
Abby, Just wondering where my order is It was sent 2020/06/05 from you in Michigan, and I am in Ontario?? Tracking info shows it currently in Saskatchewan???? Tracking no is LX688346456US. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards,  Ron Wiley Ont, CN
Ron, We spend half our day trying to figure out where things are in various postal systems. Simple answer is because of the pandemic things are very slow- no fault of ours, just be patient and eventually it will show up. It is too bad everyone has to wait today... Rob
Thanks Rob, totally understandable and not your fault at all? Just makes absolutely no sense why it went to Saskatchewan????? Have a great day! Regards, Ron
We had a note from a fellow who was apoplectic that is package to Lansing, forty miles away, went to Tuscon, Arizona for a week... Both the Post office and customs have big personnel shortages and they do the best they can. R
6/15/20- Shipped USPS
6/23/20- Hello,   This package is being held at a post office and I can't get a hold of them. Could you check it out from your end. Thank you Andrew Yerry, Elizaville, NY
6/26/20- Please send another book or refund my money. It is lost in the mail, I know you don't care
June 22, 2020 - 4:58 PM
RED HOOK, NY 12571
Recipient Action Required
Mr. Yerry - this is what the tracking indicates... it was to be delivered on the 22nd but then they were told to hold it at the post office... sorry I know nothing more.  Abby
Haven't seen a tracking #. Priority mail will have a tracking #. Thsnks cactuscharlie602 (ebay)
Friday, June 26, 2020 8:32 AM 9405511699000584147118 DOLORES, CO 81323 OUT FOR DELIVERY Abby
We got a big order for a load of Weatherby catalogs but before we could print them...
I AM  Weatherby collector my son called while I was heading home from up north he said there were A bunch of Weatherby guides on the internet .He knows us collectors buy for one and another I told him to go ahead And buy them( not knowing how many there were)he bought them all I guess. When I read the ad that these were reproductions I brought him over and showed him he apologized I then asked him why he bought so many,he said he thought he was doing a good thing. I called him over and told him to cancel them all. He is 14 years old and after this little episode I think he feels like 10 and disappointed . I am sorry for the trouble he caused both of us.  Thank you for understanding Reggie
Ordered 6.22.20- German Sport Guns GSG-5 Manual
6-22-20- Do you have the tracking #for this item , thanks- dannkenne_kkrs5ege (ebay)
6/22/20- Dear dannkenne_kkrs5ege, We print to order so, unlike Amazon, it takes a few days for us to print, bind, trim, pack and ship orders. Our shipping program will automatically send you the tracking number. Thanks and cheers, Rob for cornellpubs
Ref: Merwin, Hulbert & Co. – 1887 joeheacox (ebay) What (exactly) are you selling here????
Dear Joeheacox… I sent you a copy of the advertisement you referenced in your note, which should answer all your questions. Rob
Hi Abby, thanks so very much, all here and perfect. Take care, and best wishes, Dave.
What a kind note to start my day - it means a lot to us -  be a customer again!
Yes, for sure. Be in touch, stay safe, Dave.

Hi Abby, I am researching an old Harrington and Richardson 1905 model .410 Eley single shotgun which has been in our family for 100+ years. I purchased Joseph Vorisek’s Short Illustrated History.... from you a while ago, which has some good general info and catalogue information, but now I’m looking for some more detailed information if it’s available. The search has become quite addictive! I am particularly interested in the internal parts markings which I’ve uncovered, their manufacturing processes, and a decent schematic/parts list. Would you have anything which fits the bill, and if so could you indicate prices including postage to Australia (again). I am quite happy to purchase bits and pieces of various sources if that’s possible/appropriate, because I realise that most of Harrington and Richardson’s production was in handguns,and this is reflected in the general published material. I’d much appreciate your advice, but whatever happens, thanks for providing information on the “forgotten” firearms manufacturers! Thanks, Neil Potter  
Hi Neil, The catalogs state that the H&R M1900, 1905 and 1908 all shared the same parts.
All these catalogs show a flat plan view of the parts (exploded parts views did not come into general use until after WWII) but the 1903 catalog also shows a cutaway of the M1900 which, presumably, is the same as your gun.
Harrington & Richardson Arms 1903 Company
Shipping depends on which you buy and is calculated by the shopping cart. Cheers, Rob
Don't know if you've heard this one: A drunk (or just hungry) termite goes into a saloon and asks "Where is the bar tender?" Dennis Droege
The title page and the first couple of pages of the index are missing in the HOTCHKISS Cannon manual you sent me. Send a complete copy immediately or cancel my order. Richard Blake, Miami
Dear Mr. Blake, I am sorry you are disappointed with your purchase but I am afraid you didn't read my description of the piece which clearly indicates that perhaps long about 145 years ago some unknown vandal tore pages from the original. Send Abby a note if you want a refund. Rob
I bout a Accutec manual off you and it came in a plastic envelope. It is 1 peice of papper that can fold done the middle but you didnt even bother you just shoved it in plascti and mailed it and that is pretty lazy quality I can honestly say. Teddy Barchack
Well Teddy, when you are right, you are right, I should have folded the paper in half and stuck it in a half size plastic sleeve. That way it would have fit in a size 10 envelope for half the postage. Bummer, I am really sorry... and the plastic sleeve is cheaper too! Rob
Rob and Abby
The End.
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