Feature Friday:  Confirmations

Who:  You and every other legitimate email marketer!

What:  The subscriber confirmation email is the first communication a new subscriber should receive from you.  This email gives them the option to confirm their subscription or decline to receive your emails.

When: Sending this email as promptly as possible after the sign-up occurs is best. Fortunately for you, MNB automates this process.

WhereLearn more about this process and get helpful tips for creating strong content in the knowledge base.  You’ll find this tool under “Subscribers” in your toolbar.

Why:  Using a double-opt in procedure for email marketing is just good marketing sense. New users have the opportunity to confirm their interest in receiving your newsletters which helps to keep your list clean.  You get the opportunity to work your branding magic on this communication and offer some helpful suggestions, such as asking readers to add you to their address book or safe sender list.