Subscribers: Confirmation Emails

About This Feature
The confirmations system allows you to create a customized automated confirmation email to new subscribers. You will also be able to preview your newsletter and restore default settings from this page.

How to Use This Feature
To access this feature, select “Subscribers” from the main menu and click on “Confirmations.” This will take you to the Confirmation landing page.

[+] Create Confirmation Email

[+] Preview Your Confirmation Pages

[+] Restore Defaults

Best Uses
A double-opt email subscription ensures that every subscriber to your newsletter has specifically and consciously chosen to be there. That’s an empowered position to be in!

You might consider including the following in your confirmation email:

  • Contact information
  • A description of what your newsletter contains
  • A reminder of subscriber options
While you can include links, images and more in your opt-in email, make sure you’re only giving them a small taste of what’s to come. The real goodies should arrive with their first newsletter.