Feature Friday:  Forward to a Friend

MNB’s Forward to a Friend feature allows you to customize the content that readers see when forwarding your email newsletters to others.  Using the default settings will of course get the job done, and we promise not to say anything embarrassing in our default content.  However, what you gain in creating custom content is the opportunity to show your own personality and create a page that reflects your style of communication.

Reasons to Customize Your Forwards Page

You have a personality: In email marketing, personality and branding aren’t that far apart.  A funny page title or a quirkily worded message to users could be part of the package that makes you so appealing.

You can encourage sharing: This is one page where it’s completely appropriate to say, “This stuff is awesome.  Why don’t you show all your friends?”  How can you turn down an opportunity to make that point in your own words?

It’s your opportunity to say thanks:  Thanking your users for sharing your content is an important component of this page.  Your message of gratitude is an easy way to show that you’re paying attention.

To sum it all up, the recipients of a forwarded email get the chance to see your content from a trusted source (one hopes).  This is a great opportunity for word-of-mouth advertising.  The easier and more appealing the process of forwarding to friends is, the more likely it is that your email marketing will reach a wider audience.

Learn how to set up your Forward to a Friend content