Forward to a Friend

About this Feature
The Forward tool in every MyNewsletterBuilder account allows the user to create a default message that will appear anytime a subscriber clicks the “Forward to a Friend” link on any email newsletter sent from the user’s account.

How to Use this Feature
From the top menu in your MyNewsletterBuilder account, hover over “Tools” and click “Forwards” from the drop down menu. This will take you directly to the Forward to a Friend page. You can create your “forward to a friend” page, preview your work, or restore defaults.

[+] Create Forward to a Friend Page

[+] Preview

[+] Restore Defaults

Best Uses
Customizing your Forward to a Friend page allows you another opportunity to reach new subscribers and clients. When crafting the messages for your Forward to a Friend page, always welcome the new reader to your business and your campaigns. Thank them for their interest, and consider adding your email address as a forum for any questions or concerns they may have regarding your business.