Feature Friday:  Reports Recap

Reports are one of the most valuable tools an email marketer has at their disposal. The MNB reports feature shows the activity associated with every newsletter and auto-series that you send, allowing you to assess the efficacy of your efforts.

Last year the esteemed marketing guru AJ walked you through many of these features. These blog posts are a great resource for anybody using reports:

Stat Central:  Play the Numbers gets you started with a great overview of why metrics matter and what you’ll get out of paying attention to them.

Stat Central:  Clicks Count makes clear the value of investigating open and clicks counts in your email.

Stat Central:  Soft Bounce Speed Bumps defines hard and soft bounces and explains why a soft bounce might not be a dead end.

Stat Central:  The Big Donut talks about how to check the “big donut,” meaning the graph of email client usage, and what that means for your newsletter design.  In the current MNB user interface, simply check “usage” under the “Display” column when looking at an individual report.

Stat Central:  Coming and Going discusses subscribe/unsubscribe counts and how you can use this information to identify what type of content truly inspires readers.

For more information about how to access and use the Reports feature, check out the knowledge base.  You can also watch the pre-recorded Making Reports Work for You webinar at any time..