Reports: Newsletters

About This Feature
Once your newsletter has been successfully processed, Reports is where you will go to see how well your campaign is performing. This area is home to your complete online email newsletter tracking statistics, which allows you to analyze your email marketing efforts and make adjustments accordingly. Utilizing and understanding these reports is essential to creating better and better newsletter campaigns.

How to Use This Feature
Under “Reports” in the main menu, you can click on links that take you to Newsletters, Auto-Series or Activity pages.

  • The Newsletter Report page will show you metrics for each newsletter sent. (More details below)
  • The Auto-Series Report page will show you each Auto-Series you are running, the status of the series, your most recent and your upcoming send dates. You can click on any individual Auto-Series for further information.
  • The Activity Report page will show a list of contact additions, updates and removals along with a status, start date, and finish date.
[+] Newsletters Report Page

[+] Reports Metrics

Best Uses
The reports page is one of the most important areas of your account; it is where you gauge the success of your email marketing campaigns. If, for example, you can see that you are getting more positive reaction over time this shows that your newsletters are improving and are gaining more interest. Conversely, if you see that "opens" of your newsletters have been declining over time, you could identify if there is a change you implemented in the newsletters that your readers did not like, or perhaps you haven't been varied enough to keep interest. This information is essential to catering your newsletters to your target customers and/or fans, ensuring happy readers and a successful campaign.