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Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Secrets

Dear Friend,
When I was a mini-muse, I was a wild child. My parents rarely disciplined me to be or do anything in a certain way. Perhaps they were afraid of me because my real mother was Ruler of the Amazons and my dad was Zeus. Oh wait, that’s not me, that’s some woman with spectacular bracelets .
However, I was an imaginative and willful imp who liked to do things my way, which is not rare in the land of creative kids. Maybe you were a wild child too and that’s why we get along so well. My parents kinda gave up, so wolves raised me. Dang, that wasn’t me either, that kid hung-out with a bear. I wish! 
The good news is because of the no-supervision thing, I didn’t experience the limitations that came from parental discipline.  I had to figure out by myself how life worked and although a little lonely, it made me ruggedly independent, resourceful, and prone to self-acceptance because experiencing the frequent errors involved in the trial and error of trying to figure out how to maneuver through life, either you learn self-acceptance or hide under a bed and eat Twinkies (too many dust bunnies already living under mine).
The bad news is, with no opportunity to develop internalized discipline, the shoulds, have-tos, or directives I used trying to get myself to creative work were (and still are) met with rebelliousness, because as a wild child I had the words, YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, tattooed on my forehead. I was my own worse enemy, because I was rebelling against myself telling me what to do. Getting to my creative passions was a battle.  
I love what I figured out.
Despite lack of discipline, I
accomplished a bunch of things I’m really proud of including designing my own profession, writing and performing a full-length play, creating lots of art and writing three books. I'm making a living doing what I love - thank you, Creative Universe. 
How did I get stuff done given my wild child nature?
It’s what I teach and it’s not about being perfect, because some days I rebel against having to do anything, and I know that’s okay because
acceptance is freedom.
(Happy Independence Day).

I’m presenting this wisdom in three parts in the next three newsletters in hopes that it may help you stop the battle with you and yourself - you know, like why can't we just get along with ourselves?
If you’re like me, you have a short attention span and want to go out and play before you’re finished reading a long article. We are still wild children.

number one

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger
pull of what you really love."

Rumi is right, as usual, (we have tea together). Letting myself be silently drawn to my creative call really IS a stronger, wiser, more influential pull than trying to discipline myself do things with force.


Only love can truly save the world.” ~Wonder Woman said that and here’s how I'll translate that for you because I am a super hero translator in my spare time and I am here for you:
Love will save your creativity.
Practice loving what it is that draws you to your creative call, before, during and after you are in the process.  <Reread that three times.

Make the skill of focusing on love as important as the skill of writing, art, living life creatively or whatever it is that sparks your creative fancy.
What do you love about your creative call? No, really, stop and think about it.
I find focusing on what I love about my creative call makes showing up effortless without the need for discipline or directives. It's magnetic.

  • I love the way my subconscious sometimes takes my writing places I hadn't intended.
  • I love when I write something I like - I can read it over and over again.
  • I love the rhythm of alliteration, luring me lusciously like a likeable litany.
  • I love when the watercolor paint creates an unexpected effect.
  • I love it when I doodle something and it surprises me what it becomes.
  • I love the feeling of completing something I've created that I love.
  • I love the self-respect and feeling of resilience that comes from persevering through the hard parts and the things I don't like.
  • Etc.
But I have to mindfully keep the love of my craft in my awareness or fears and pressures sneak back in.  The trick is to OBSESS about what I love so much that it becomes irresistible and then my subconscious is on-board, (what I focus on becomes my world). 
Focus on your procrastination, resistance, and inability to show-up, on what others are doing and you’re NOT doing, or on not feeling good enough, those messages becomes your world too. Ick. That doesn't work very well and it feels like crap.  And if that’s been your usual focus, it’s going to take a little gentle practice and lowered expectations to shift over to a more helpful way of thinking, so don't give up if it doesn't happen immediately.  

Ask these questions:
  • What do I love about my creative passion? Ask: How do I love thee, let me count the ways... and count them as they come to mind. Or just ask the question and let it percolate.
  • How can I show up for myself with love? How can I make that easier?
  • How does my creative call love me? (suspend logic all you literal thinkers).
  • Where can I get some Wonder Woman bracelets?
  • Click here to get your own Creative Rebel PDF
Just ask those questions without needing an immediate answer and watch what happens. When we show-up with love not only is the process sweeter, we are more likely stay longer and that benefits the end product. 
Stay in the loop for parts 2 and 3. Make sure you are subscribed.

By the way, if you’re tired of your resistance toward getting to a passion that could be responsible for shifting THE REST of your life from mundane to magnificent, make an investment in yourself.
Truly, the best way to learn how to be liberated is to be guided through these tools within a gentle, mindfully oriented structure that exalts the intuitive non-linear nature of creativity, understands the REBELLIOUS nature of the creative person and removes the pressure that causes resistance.
Attending a structured experience with other kindred creative souls is one of the most effective ways to move forward with your creativity. They help you not only with your own journey, (which can, indeed, be the only reason you take one or more), but they also help you liberate the creativity of the world around you. I’ve been teaching these schools for thirteen years now and I from the feedback I get, they will change your life.
1. Join the Underground Highway to Creative Results especially designed for Rebels - $20 discount until July 7. A regular infusion of creative support without overwhelming you. Buy a ticket to the Highway here.
2. August 2017 Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training. More here.
3. September 2017 Learn to facilitate Creativity Workshops based on the Nine Modern Day Muse,(Offering partial scholarships for those in need and under-served communities, apply at here
4. Kaizen-Muse Infused Master Minding Training September 2017 KMCC Master Coaches, Mary McDowall and Kathy Kane offer an original, imaginative, pressure-free way to facilitate Master Minding Groups with Kaizen-Muse Tools: More about that here
5. Taos Creativity Rejuvenation Retreats:

The Muse in Winter - February 2018

Camp Creative Thunder for Grown-up Wild Children - July 2018

If none of these appeal to you, find some that do! Creative community is important right now.

For more about classes, trainings and retreat with Jill Badonsky,
beam yourself here

(Let freedom ring).
Recent Graduates of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching
I'm so honored to wish a congratulations to the recent graduates of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching
Kerry Schafer 
Swimming North Coaching: Using supportive, mindful, and often playful tools and principles, I act as a catalyst to help you reawaken a sense of wonder, add fuel to your creative passion, and embrace your own authentic, beautiful, powerful self. Ride your wild star. It's there. It's yours. And it's waiting."
Laura Quilligan
Certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach
I help and empower women get past their creative blocks so 
that their creative projects become joyful and fun.
Leah Salinas
Leah Salinas is looking forward to supporting people with tapping into their highest creative potential using playfulness, love, compassion and kindness. She also muses about creativity regularly on her blog,, or her YouTube channel~ Leah Salinas
Katharine Asals
Katharine is a filmmaker and visual artist who loves the playfulness and nurturing quality of KMC Coaching.

Michelle Batz
My style is direct, creative, and warm. Imagine having a weekly conversation about your goals, challenges, and opportunities with someone trained to bring out the best in you! I will champion you to raise your creative ideas, ask for what you want, and shape your ideas and life the way you want it to be - perhaps in ways you can't even imagine yet.
Contact me if you are interested in your possibilities! You may contact me at and we’ll take our adventure from there!
Natalie Marie Collins
As a business coach, Natalie was thrilled to discover the fun, intuitive, powerfulness of Jill's KMCC  methods, and after becoming certified, now uses them with all of her coaching clients who love figuring out their own homework. She is on a mission to help people draw out their brilliance, and build and improve their businesses one small Kaizen-Muse step at a time.
Sarah Sadie
(Odonata Creative Coaching and Consulting): "I help women and men recover their magic by reconnecting to their creativity." E-newsletter signup: Join Sarah for a month of FREE creativity prompts, community and hoopla in July, in a private Facebook group "Odonata's Summer Hum". Open to all! 
Vicky-Jane Newman
Certified Kaizen-Muse Creative Coach & Certified Modern Day Muse Group Leader from Brisbane, Australia. VJ is a multi faceted artist, a writer, textile artist, illustrator and painter. She helps her clients break through obstacles that seem to be holding them back. She is also a prize-winner for her Lace Knitting.

More Graduates

Elvira Njume from Newark, New Jersey
Astrid Walton from Berlin, Germany
Kelley Wharity from South Lake Tahoe
Sanni Haahdenmaa from Kangasala, Finland
Donna Marks Napa, CA
DeeAnne Vera, Jupiter, Fla
Karen Patton, Calgary, Canada
Jori Agres, Colorado Springs, CO
Linda Blom, Santa Fe, NM
Karen Caterson, Philadelphia, PA
Krissy DeVoe, New York
Jim Billingsley, Escondido, CA
Shereen Moon L.A.
What, Where, Who, Why?

Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. is founder  of the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training, multimedia artist,
inspirational humorist, yoga teacher, and author of three books on creativity.
Look up right now. What around you could you consider art?
Savor it, it's your life. #ArtIsEverywhere
Why All of This?
be safe, but be sassy,

The American Flag at the top is the art of Leoma Lovegrove
Sedona photo by Rhonda Woodward
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