Custom Subscriber Pages

About This Feature
Subscription URLs allows our users to use external webpages for readers to subscribe, opt-in, or unsubscribe from your newsletter. When you include links to these in the Subscription URL section, MNB will forward your subscribers to that page for that action. These are all completely optional, of course - we wouldn’t leave you hanging! If you opt not to use external pages, MNB’s stock pages will be automatically used.

How to Use This Feature
It is up to each user to create their own external web pages. Once you have this page created, you will go to “Subscribers” in the main menu and click “Preferences.” On the Preferences page, click on “Options” in the left side menu. On the Options page, you will see entry boxes for URLs under the title “Subscription URLS.” As always, be sure to click the green save button when you’ve finished inputting your URLs.

You may submit a custom URL for the following subscriber actions: Subscribe, Opt-in, Unsubscribe. Any time a user completes one of these actions they will automatically be directed to your webpage. From there, the rest is up to you!

Best Uses
Custom pages allow you to enhance company branding and recognition. You can use these pages to gather more information about your readers and your email marketing campaigns, which will make your newsletter a greater value to your readers.

Your subscribe and opt-in pages are a prime location for making sure that future readers know what they are in for and set preferences. Give readers a sample of what you have to offer and consider a gift or discount for signing up.

Another item of interest for email marketers is why people unsubscribe. Are they tired of your content? Have they lost interest? Did your newsletters change? Did they receive too many newsletters? Is your content no longer relevant to them? Conducting an exit survey is a great way to find out why people are leaving. Keep your survey short and sweet to increase the likelihood that users will be willing to engage. Sometimes all you need is one request: “Please tell us why are you unsubscribing.”

Subscriber Preferences

About This Feature
Preferences allows you to control settings for your what information is collected from your subscribers during the sign-up process, how groups are displayed to subscribers, and the subscription processes.

How to Use This Feature
Select "Preferences" under "Subscribers" in the main menu. You can navigate the preference settings by using the menu in the left column.

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[+] Step 2: Groups

[+] Step 3: Data Fields

[+] Step 4: Thanks Page

[+] Step 5: Options

[+] Actions

Best Uses
The preferences feature helps you customize and tailor your email subscription process. Choosing how much information you require is a balancing act. Asking for too much may scare away potential subscribers. Getting too little information makes it difficult to sort and identify subscribers through demographics. Also, consider including a description of the subscription options if you have more than one.

You can hide and reveal specific groups based on which you intend to be available for subscribers to opt into and others which you intend to intentionally and selectively populate. In addition, having an automatic welcome newsletter empowers you to immediately engage with new subscribers.