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Email Marketing Infotainment - May contain cheesy email marketing humor. Caution is advised.

Introduction to MyNewsletterBuilder (MNB)

What is MyNewsletterBuilder?
Watch Us Build an Email Newsletter in 3 Minutes
The Genie Email Newsletter Editor
Why Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Business or Organization?

Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Infotainment How NOT to Collect Emails
Email Marketing Infotainment Avoid Spam Filters
Email Marketing Infotainment Email Newsletter Design Tips

Email Newsletter Management

Send Automatically Scheduled Emails (Auto-Series)
Integrate Google Analytics with Your Email Campaigns
Send an Email Newsletter

Creating Email Newsletters

How to Use the Genie Editor in 3 Easy Steps
1. The Genie Newsletter Editor Setup Process
2. Genie Newsletter Editor Basics
3. Edit Newsletter Color Themes and Backgrounds

Create Predefined Content for your Email Newsletters to Save Time
Create a Newsletter from an RSS Feed

Subscriber Management

Add Email Subscribers to Your Subscriber Lists
Design and Send Subscription Confirmation Emails
Edit or Remove Email Subscribers from Your Account
Organize Your Email Subscribers into Segmented Groups
Create an Email Signup Form for Your Facebook Fanpage
Create a Multi-Step Email Signup Form
Create a One-Step Email Signup Form
Moving Email Subscribers Between MNB Accounts

Campaign Reports

Interpret Your Email Campaign Reports

Prerecorded Webinars

Create a Mobile Friendly Email Newsletter
Build Gorgeous Email Newsletters
Designing Email Newsletters: Editing Images
Integrate Social Media into Your Email Marketing Campaigns
Email Marketing Tips for Anytime Fitness Reps
Email Marketing Tips for Shaklee Reps
Manage Your Email Contact Lists
Make Your Email Campaign Reports Work for You
Getting Started with MyNewsletterBuilder