Create Facebook Subscriber Form

About This Feature
Imagine fans coming to your Facebook page, clicking like, and signing up for your email marketing campaigns right from the comfort of their own Facebook. Our Facebook App makes it possible o add a subscriber sign-up form to your Facebook page and gather new contacts through your social media channels. This is a great way to keep people interested and engaged while taking advantage of social integration, a nutritious part of any marketing plan.

How it Works
Navigating through your MNB account, you can build the sign-up form and install it to Facebook. It’s really simple. You can also customize some of the display options on Facebook. We will even share how to make your App visible when you’re wondering where that darned thing went.

[+] Add Subscriber Sign-up Form to Your Facebook Fan Page

[+] Customize the MNB Facebook App

[+] Find and/or Move the MNB App on Your Facebook Page

Best Uses
The MNB Sign-up app is best used for getting your social media followers over to your email, a place where you can cultivate more loyalty with riveting content and giveaways. We recommend calling attention to your sign-up form about once a week, linking to it in your Facebook feed or instructing people to find it (in which case, please find and move the app to an easy-to-find spot). Additionally, you can link to the app from other social networks to increase traffic to both your Facebook page and your email list. Double win.

How to Avoid Spam Filters

Watch this video on how best to avoid spam filters and get inbox placement; this does a fantastic job at answering the question, "Why are my emails landing in the spam folder?"

Send a Newsletter

About This Feature
Once an email newsletter is created, proof-read, polished, and ready to be sent there are a few more boxes to check before you are all done. This feature walks you through scheduling your newsletter and selecting the recipients.

How to Use This Feature
To send a newsletter that you saved as a draft, go to “Newsletters,” in the main menu and select “View.” Next to the newsletter you want to send, click “Send.” This will take you to the Newsletter Scheduler page, where you will set up your newsletter to before hitting the final “send” button to turn your newsletter loose on the world. Keep in mind, your email may go into a sending queue when our servers are busy.

[+] Step One: Pick and Schedule

[+] Step Two: Group Selection

Best Uses
In order for an email marketing newsletter to be effective, it has to actually arrive. That all starts when you click the send button. For email marketing best practices, its recommended that you only send emails to those who have opted-in to receive communications from you. If you have a social media presence, posting to Facebook is a great way to take advantage of a potentially new audience.

Smart Send vs. Manual Send

About This Feature
Once your email newsletter is ready to go it’s time to select your sending options. You have two: Smart Send and Manual Send. With Smart Send, you select the day you want to send and MNB sends the newsletter as soon as possible on that date. Manual send enables you to select the date and the specific time that your newsletter will send.

Please be aware that while we cannot guarantee sending times, we are confident that our sending system will normally be lightning fast, and delays will happen much less frequently with our system than most similar email platforms. It may happen at some point (as with any email sending service), and rest assured that when it does, we are adding more coal to the fire.

How to Use This Feature
To access your sending options, hover over “Newsletters” in the main menu and select “View.” In your list of newsletters, click “Send” next to the newsletter you wish to schedule. Once you are on the sending page, click on the drop down menu for “Method” under “Step 1: Scheduling Options” and choose either Smart Send or Manual Send.

[+] Smart Send

[+] Manual Send

Best Uses
To get your newsletters out quickly, same-day Smart Send is your best option. This enables MNB to fit your newsletter into the sending queue as soon as possible. Smart Send usually sends shortly after midnight for newsletters scheduled a day or more in advance, so you do not need to schedule a time for those wee hour deliveries.

There is some research indicating that arrival time matters in some email marketing campaigns. For those who like to send their newsletters at certain times of day, Manual Send is a great way to ensure that your newsletters arrive with optimum timing.

Removing Inactive Subscribers from the Past 6 Months

About This Feature
Just as you can create a list of all the subscribers who have opened your newsletters, you can also create a list of all the subscribers who have not opened your newsletters. This is an effective tool for locating and removing inactive subscribers from your list. To successfully complete this process, you’ll need to know where files download to on your computer and should plan on renaming file downloads.

How to Use This Feature
In order to create a list of subscribers who have not opened a newsletter in the past 6 months, you will first need to create a list of those who did open your newsletter. You can then use this list to create a new list, based off of your full subscriber list, which will consist only of inactive subscribers.

[+] Create a List of Subscribers Who Opened in the Last 6 Months

[+] Create a List of All Subscribers

[+] Create “Did Not Open in Past 6 Months” list

Best Uses
We normally suggest going back 6 months if you are looking to lower the size of your email list and remove subscribers that aren't quite as likely to open in the future. The general rule of thumb is that most subscribers who have not opened in 6 months are not likely to ever open again. You can go back more or less if you choose.

Getting Open Reports for the Last 3 Months

About This Feature
You can view the number of opens for each newsletter you sent by navigating to “Reports”. If you wish to create a list of all opens for the last three months, the following instructions will guide you in this process.

How to Use this Feature
To create a list of subscribers who have opened an email at least once in the past three months, you will first make a new group, copy the list of subscribers who opened a newsletter, and then copy that report into your new group.

[+] How to make a list of opens for the last 3 months

Best Uses
Looking at your open report will give you a good idea of who is actually opening and reading your newsletter. This may inform future email marketing decisions, such as segmenting your efforts based on the degree of interaction you are seeing from your subscribers.

Note that you can use this process to check opens for any amount of time or for particular types of newsletters. For example, you could look at all of the opens for your sales newsletters and compare that to the open list for informational newsletters, etc.

Moving Subscribers Between Accounts

About This Feature
MNB allows users to integrate and move subscribers between accounts in several ways. In addition to transferring active subscribers, you probably want to consider using the same opt-out/suppression list from the original account. This tutorial will show you how to do both.

How to Use This Feature

[+] Export lists

[+] Import the .csv files

[+] Unsubscribe the suppression list from the new account

Best Uses
Maintaining good list hygiene is really important - and let us just say - sending to unsubscribed parties is a terrible way to break in a new account! Not to mention, it makes quite the mess to clean up. By importing a suppression list you can be sure that you are only sending to interested parties.