Send a Newsletter

About This Feature
Once an email newsletter is created, proof-read, polished, and ready to be sent there are a few more boxes to check before you are all done. This feature walks you through scheduling your newsletter and selecting the recipients.

How to Use This Feature
To send a newsletter that you saved as a draft, go to “Newsletters,” in the main menu and select “View.” Next to the newsletter you want to send, click “Send.” This will take you to the Newsletter Scheduler page, where you will set up your newsletter to before hitting the final “send” button to turn your newsletter loose on the world. Keep in mind, your email may go into a sending queue when our servers are busy.

[+] Step One: Pick and Schedule

[+] Step Two: Group Selection

Best Uses
In order for an email marketing newsletter to be effective, it has to actually arrive. That all starts when you click the send button. For email marketing best practices, its recommended that you only send emails to those who have opted-in to receive communications from you. If you have a social media presence, posting to Facebook is a great way to take advantage of a potentially new audience.