Getting Open Reports for the Last 3 Months

About This Feature
You can view the number of opens for each newsletter you sent by navigating to “Reports”. If you wish to create a list of all opens for the last three months, the following instructions will guide you in this process.

How to Use this Feature
To create a list of subscribers who have opened an email at least once in the past three months, you will first make a new group, copy the list of subscribers who opened a newsletter, and then copy that report into your new group.

[+] How to make a list of opens for the last 3 months

Best Uses
Looking at your open report will give you a good idea of who is actually opening and reading your newsletter. This may inform future email marketing decisions, such as segmenting your efforts based on the degree of interaction you are seeing from your subscribers.

Note that you can use this process to check opens for any amount of time or for particular types of newsletters. For example, you could look at all of the opens for your sales newsletters and compare that to the open list for informational newsletters, etc.