Auto Series

About This Feature
Auto-series is a feature that allows you to create a series of newsletters to be sent out automatically on a schedule that you set. This page lets you can view, edit, and create new auto-series. You can view reports on auto-series sends on the reports page.

How To Use This Feature
To get to the auto-series page, click on “Newsletters” in the Main Menu, then select “Auto-Series” from the drop-down. On the Auto-Series page, use the left-hand column to navigate through the auto-series options.

[+] Display

[+] Create New

Best Uses
When it comes to convenience, there isn’t much better than auto-series sending. You write the newsletters, line them up, then relax with a nice cup of tea. Some of the reasons a person might want to do such a thing (other than sheer pleasure, of course) include offering content that needs to be read from the beginning, having an ordered series of newsletters that you would like people to be able to start at any time, or having an introductory series of newsletters that starts after a specific purchase or interaction. You can also use auto-series to set up seasonal newsletters in advance and rest easy knowing you part is done and MNB will do the rest.