Subscriber Groups

About This Feature
The Groups page lets you view, add, and edit subscriber categories. These categories are your different mailing groups. There is no limit on how many subscriber groups can be in an account. Subscribers must be in a group in order for you to send to them. A single subscriber can be in multiple groups at a time, and will only count toward the subscriber quota once. They will also only receive newsletters once when you send to multiple groups.

How to Use This Feature
Click “Subscribers” on the Main Menu. Select “Groups.” Use this feature to access, edit, create, and export subscriber groups.

[+] Exporting Groups

[+] Adding a Group

[+] Manage Your Groups

[+] Make Edits to Groups

Best Uses
Confirming subscribers in email groups is an email marketing best practice. The double opt-in ensures you only have subscribers that want to be part of your list.

Having multiple subscriber groups helps to better focus your email marketing efforts, sending relevant content to those who are the most suited to receive it.

You can download the results of clicks or opens from one campaign and create a new subscriber list by uploading the downloaded CSV file into a new or existing subscriber group.

Include options for frequency of sending and type of message on your subscriber sign up form. This avoids unsubscribes by empowering your readers to select what they want to receive.