Custom Subscriber Pages

About This Feature
Subscription URLs allows our users to use external webpages for readers to subscribe, opt-in, or unsubscribe from your newsletter. When you include links to these in the Subscription URL section, MNB will forward your subscribers to that page for that action. These are all completely optional, of course - we wouldn’t leave you hanging! If you opt not to use external pages, MNB’s stock pages will be automatically used.

How to Use This Feature
It is up to each user to create their own external web pages. Once you have this page created, you will go to “Subscribers” in the main menu and click “Preferences.” On the Preferences page, click on “Options” in the left side menu. On the Options page, you will see entry boxes for URLs under the title “Subscription URLS.” As always, be sure to click the green save button when you’ve finished inputting your URLs.

You may submit a custom URL for the following subscriber actions: Subscribe, Opt-in, Unsubscribe. Any time a user completes one of these actions they will automatically be directed to your webpage. From there, the rest is up to you!

Best Uses
Custom pages allow you to enhance company branding and recognition. You can use these pages to gather more information about your readers and your email marketing campaigns, which will make your newsletter a greater value to your readers.

Your subscribe and opt-in pages are a prime location for making sure that future readers know what they are in for and set preferences. Give readers a sample of what you have to offer and consider a gift or discount for signing up.

Another item of interest for email marketers is why people unsubscribe. Are they tired of your content? Have they lost interest? Did your newsletters change? Did they receive too many newsletters? Is your content no longer relevant to them? Conducting an exit survey is a great way to find out why people are leaving. Keep your survey short and sweet to increase the likelihood that users will be willing to engage. Sometimes all you need is one request: “Please tell us why are you unsubscribing.”

Sign-Up Builder

About This Feature
This feature enables you to create a customized subscription process for new subscribers to your email marketing campaigns. You can create forms, preview your forms, select email groups for your subscribers to join, restore default settings and choose whether or not to display tokens from this page. Select from a single-step sign-up process or a multi-step sign-up process. You can also create a sign-up form Facebook App. To further customize the look of your multi-step sign-up process, you’ll need to go to Tools → Branding.

If you make changes to the subscription form after you’ve pasted the HTML code to your website, you will need to re-paste the updated code. The code will not update on your website automatically.

How to Use This Feature

This feature is accessed by selecting “Subscribers” on the main menu, then clicking “Sign-up Builder.” You can navigate through the options using the left side “Actions” menu. There are two types of forms to choose from. These are:

One-Step Form: creates a single sign-up form that collects all the information you need without further pages involved.

Multi-Step Form: incorporates a partial form as the initial sign-up form, and navigates the subscriber through a 3-step process hosted on MNB’s servers.
Please note: once you’ve created the form, you can customize (brand) the sign-up process.

[+] Create a One-Step Sign-up Form

[+] Create a Multi-Step Sign-up Form

[+] Create a Facebook Sign-up Form for Your Fanpage

Best Uses
Using sign-up forms is the easiest hands-free way to gather new contacts &emdash meaning new leads. Short, single-step sign-up forms are often the easiest way to ensure subscriber follow-through. However, using buttons or text links present a more clutter-free method of directing people to your newsletter. Which ever you decide, make it sing with your brand and personality. If you create a multi-step form, we highly recommend proceeding directly to "Branding" (under "Tools")to ensure continuity in your branding.