View Newsletters

About This Feature
Here you can view all of your newsletters, sort them by sending status, and access information about each one. From this page you can also access other tools, such as building and importing newsletters.

How To Use This Feature
Under "Newsletters" in the main menu, click "View". You'll see each of your newsletters displayed with their current status:

[+] Newsletter Status

[+] Viewing Options

Best Uses
“View Newsletters” is a pretty handy section where you’ll be able to check on the status of email marketing newsletters you’re sending, determine whether they’ve sent or not, and make changes to newsletters that are still available for editing. You can also use this section to review your email marketing choices and strategies. For example, you might go through your past emails to compare subject links to open rates in the reports. Oh - and since it’s technology we’re working with here - be sure to note the “Autosaved” tab at the bottom - if your computer freezes in the middle of a masterpiece, check here before bemoaning your loss. (And next time, hit the save button anytime you like what you’ve got!)