Reports: Subscribed (Subs)

About This Feature
The Subscribed (also “Subs”) field is found within the reports section of MNB. This is the metric that shows you how many people subscribed to your newsletters via any individual newsletter sent out. This information allows you to see how well received your newsletters have been, as people will only subscribe if they like the content. This also allows you to see if any particular newsletter has more or less effect than others in getting new people to subscribe.

How to Use This Feature
To access this report feature, click on “reports” in the main menu. You will then see a listing of your sent newsletters, listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. For each newsletter sent, you will be able to see various metrics, including “Subs”. You can click this number to go into the subscribed report. Once you are in the report, you can navigate through options using the “Actions” menu on the left side.

[+] Viewing the Subscribed Report

[+] Go to Summary

[+] Copy Subscribers

[+] Export Report

Best Uses
This feature allows you to see who is subscribing to your newsletter, and which newsletter has caught their interest. Pay attention to which newsletters gather the most and the least subscribers. What was different about the successful newsletters? Did people subscribe immediately after viewing the newsletter, or did they take some time? You can then adjust your newsletter strategy accordingly.

Furthermore, with this feature, it is easy to gather together subscribers with similar interests into their own unique categories. If a newsletter garnered a ton of new subscribers, this would be a sign that whatever was covered in that newsletter was very interested to those people. You can use the Copy Subscribers option to then gather all of these users into a single category to target.