Reports: Auto-Series

About This Feature
The auto-series reports page offers a look at the data generated by your email newsletter auto-series. Newsletter auto-series allow MNB users to create an set of newsletters that are automatically sent at predetermined intervals. The reports page keeps you up-to-date with the sending schedule and recipient data.

How to Use This Feature
To find the auto-series reports page, click on “reports” in the top menu of your MyNewsletterBuilder account. You will be taken to the reports landing page. Now click on “auto-series” along the sub-header row and you’ll be taken to the reports page listing all of the auto-series that you’ve created.

[+] Reports

Best Uses
Use the auto-series reports page to track the reception of your ongoing series. If you notice a growing difference in the number of recipients versus the number of subscribers, head back to the “reports” main page to see a further breakdown of the data from each newsletter in your auto-series. An increase in “bounces” or a decrease in “opens” might mean it’s time to reevaluate your sending schedule.