Reports: Complaints

About This Feature
Complaints happen when recipients mark your email marketing campaigns as “spam.” This is sent back to our system for monitoring. We take spam super seriously here - too many complaints (more than 1 per 1,000 emails)results in us freezing your account until we can chat with you. If you need help lowering complaints, you can contact our customer service. You can monitor your complaints at Reports → Newsletters. Please note that a small amount of complaints are normal. People sometimes like to mark valid email marketing as spam.

How to Use This Feature
First click on "Reports" in the top menu bar. You will then see a listing of your sent newsletters, listed in chronological order, with the most recently sent at top. For each newsletter sent, you will be able to see various metrics, "Comp" (Complaints) being one of these. Unlike some other metrics, we do not provide an email list of complainants. Complainers are automatically removed from your email subscriber list. As for whiners... we’ll let you deal with that.

[+] Viewing the Complaints

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Best Uses
This feature allows you to track what content is most effective in your newsletters. It keeps you out of hot water - or lets you know that you’re going to be in hot water. It’s a good indication that a webinar or training session may be in order. Or, you can use it to determine if you are a spammer.