Enterprise Accounts

About this Feature
The Enterprise tool allows users to create and share newsletters, templates, and media with a network of linked sub-accounts. Enterprise accounts are ideal for businesses with multiple branches, locations, or outlets who need to create uniform email content to be issued from multiple sources.

Enterprise accounts are available as an upgrade to standard MyNewsletterBuilder accounts. Once you have subscribed to the Enterprise service, you will need to provide MNB’s support team with a list of any MNB accounts that need to be added as sub-accounts. We will need approval from the sub-account holders as well. Once in place, you will be able to share content with all linked sub-accounts through the Enterprise menu.

How to Use this Feature
On the main menu, hover over “Accounts” and select “Enterprise” to be directed to the on the Enterprise tab in the sub-menu at the top of your screen. This will take you to the Enterprise Account Services page, where you can review your account summary, search sub-accounts, manage sub-account groups, push, share, and send content.

[+] Summary

[+] Search

[+] Groups

[+] Push

[+] Send

[+] Share

Best Uses
The Enterprise account management system is ideal for franchised businesses, organizations with multiple locations, or affiliate programs. Enterprise accounts are great ways to create a uniform, branded message and still allow for personal or customized touches. Try building brand-centric newsletters in your master account to ensure essential content is presented the way you want, but leave room for each sub-account to add information relevant to their specific client base or network, such as regional news, contact information, or local specials.