Move Newsletters Between Accounts

About This Feature
The import features allows you to import newsletters from another account into your own. Importing a newsletter creates a copy of the newsletter in your account without disturbing the original copy.

How to Use This Feature
To allow others to import your newsletter, you will need to give them the username and, if applicable, your sharing password. This password is not the same as your account password used to log in. To set the sharing password:

  • In the main menu, navigate to “Account” and select “Settings” from the drop down menu
  • On the left side menu, select “Content Editor”
  • Under Step 3, “Content Sharing”, input the password you want to use in the “Authorization Code” field. This password should be different than your MNB user password
To import a newsletter from another account into your own, take the following steps:
  • Navigate to “Newsletters” in the main menu and select “Import” from the drop-down menu
  • On the import page, type the username for the account you are importing from in the "Username" field and click "Submit”
  • Select the newsletter you want to import from the drop-down box next to "Content" and click "Import"
  • If the owner of the content has programmed a password for imports, you will need to obtain that password as well, and enter it in the “Authorization Code” field
  • The imported newsletter will appear in your account, in your newsletter drafts
Note: some users choose to protect their content. In these cases, you will need their import password.

Best Uses

  • Want to create a newsletter that can be modified and sent out by associates? Share your import password and your job is done...after you create the newsletter, that is
  • Sharing content with a friend? Simply import it as a ready-to-go newsletter
  • You can use this feature for A/B testing; uploading the newsletter to a different account to test the efficacy of some marketing component
  • Have a new account or a new business venture? Import your newsletters to your new account to have a thorough archive